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She Ra Laser Tag!

When your friend has a She-Ra-themed laser tag birthday party, you have to show up in style! We were seriously budget crunched with this one (since I'm in the process of gathering/constructing our more elaborate costumes for this summer's Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade) so I busted out the t-shirt paint and contact paper. I ordered a 'bare men's chest' shirt from Amazon (that was a fun product search, haha) and a pair of gold lame leggins (so I could play laster tag properly, even in a skirt) and set to work painting shirts for Bryan and I to wear. I bought the cheapest red lining fabric to make our capes (which velcro onto the shoulders of our shirts) and sewed them accordingly. And I constructed my headpiece out of an old clothing gift box, some duct tape, and gold contact paper. I sprayed Bryan's hair orange and bought him a blonde mustache that I colored with a non-toxic orange crayon. All in all, it was a pretty rad laser tag cosplay night! (Except for the part where I damaged my wrist tendons taking the epic jumping photo - but that's another story.)

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