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Purple Galaxy Dice Portrait Process

I've always enjoyed painting still life, but this last year or so I've started going a little more specific and nerdy with the idea. I've been drawing RPG dice sets with watercolor pens and Prismacolor pencils, and it has been super fun! My favorite dice drawing so far is this one - based on an Instagram photo by an account that I follow (@battlecrazedaxmage) that posts awesome dice sets. The purple colors and the lighting/shadows called to me, and I wanted to recreate it on paper. You can see the finished art below, and on my Fine Art page.

Here's my process!

Step 1 - Sketching out the dice in pencil.

Step 2: Blocking in the light and shadow with watercolor pen.

Step 3: Start shading with Prismacolor pencils.

Step 4: Trying out different gel pens to see which work best for the numbers on the dice.

Step 5: Blocking out the table shadows with Prismacolor pencils.

Step 6: Sign it!

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