By Marcy Dewey Mahoney

Oil Painting Pet Portrait Commissions

Fiona Shazam

Oil on Canvas Board


Oil on Canvas Board


Oil on Canvas Board

Sam Sam

Oil on Canvas Board

Mojo & Babyshoes

Oil on Canvas Board

Pricing & Sizes

8 x10  –  1 Pet:

1 1 x 14  –  1 Pet:

11 x 14  –  2 Pets:

16 x 20  –  1 Pet:

16 x 20 – 2 Pets:








Pet portrait commissions take me approximately 4 to 6 weeks to complete, from sketching to shipping. Because oil paint is a wet medium, I work on multiple paintings at a time, each in a different stage of completion.


Once your painting is in the queue, I will give you an approximate shipping date, and update you with my progress and time estimates throughout the process.

Please send me two or three clear, high resolution photos of your pet to work from. If I am painting multiple pets for you in one painting, please make sure the main photo has both pets in it. It's also helpful to know the breed and age of your pet in case I need to look up any extra visual reference.