Fabrication & Painting Galleries

The Mother of Dungeons & Dragons and her Dragon
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Our costumes for the 2019 Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball! I constructed a complete dragon tuxedo jacket and headpiece for Bryan to wear out of craft foam sheets, paper mache, lots of paint and a $40 tuxedo jacket from Amazon. I also spray-paint-ombre'd my dress, added the tulle insert and dragon brooch, and created an amazing D20 Staff of Awesomeness to rule over everyone's saving throws. Bryan's dragon costume was the most laborious costume I've made thus far, taking over 100 hours to complete. You can see more of the process over on my Current Projects Blog.

The Gentleman With The Thistledown Hair and the Fae Forest Lady
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Bryan wanted to be “The Gentleman With The Thistledown Hair" from the BBC miniseries "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell."  I sourced the elements of his costume from Amazon and Ebay, and then altered them to work. (The pants were full length so I hemmed them and removed the modern-looking back pockets.) His jacket was a kelly-green steampunk tailed coat that I dyed to a forest green (which took multiple tries and more RIT dye than you can imagine.) Then I added in the leaves and made the leafy collar. I also styled his hair and makeup. To go along with his character, I decided to build myself a complimentary outfit. I wasn't a specific character from the series, just a female counterpoint to his outfit. In this gallery are some of the process pictures from the creation of my corset and skirts.

Couture Gatekeeper and Keymaster
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For the 2018 Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade ball, Bryan and I decided to put a fancy spin on an old favorite. I constructed his helmet, sewed my poofy shrug, sourced our outfits, and made our Zuul masks! Scroll through and click on these process photos for further explanations.

Quick Builds & Commissions: Foam Armor, Masks, Props and Miscellany
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Comic-Cons, Halloweens, and other random nerdy events are great opportunities to make and wear costumes, and I try and take advantage of those opportunities as often as possible. This gallery is a collection of those types of builds. Most of what I make is on a very limited budget, and often I'm working against the clock. Whether it's a last-minute commission or a last-minute invitation, I try and pull it off to the best of my ability within those confines. Scroll through and click on the individual process photos to read more about them.