Frequently asked questions

How can I commission an oil painting?

If you're looking for a pet portrait commission, visit the "Pet Portraiture" tab. Read the requirements, and then click the "Click Here To Order" button to contact me. I'll message you back, and we'll go from there! If you're looking for a different kind of oil painting commission, visit the "Contact" tab and fill out the form. I'll message you back, and we'll go from there!

Why do you require a non-refundable 40% of a commission's cost up front?

Any creation of art takes three crucial things: time, skill and supplies. Ideally, we'll have communicated well and you'll love the finished work when presented to you! That's always my goal. On the off chance you decide you don't want the painting, well ... that doesn't change the time, skill and supplies I put into your commission. I can't get that time back, and it costs money to replenish supplies. Taking a non-refundable 40% of the commission up front gaurantees that our agreement for me to make art for you is honored by both of us. Of course, my goal is to work with you on your commission to make sure that you absolutely love it. So the up-front cost should not be anything to worry about!

Why is it taking so long for my commission to be finished?

Oil painting is not an overnight project. When you request a commission, I will give you a pretty accurate estimate of how long I think the piece will take to produce. It will be included in your invoice, and I will update you with my progress as work goes along. Oil paint takes time to dry between layers, and then it has to cure before it is varnished and ready to ship. Pet portraits average 6-8 weeks for me to finish and ship. Something larger and more complicated could take longer. The time estimate for your painting will depend on the size, composition and level of complication that you are requesting. Keep in mind also that I am working on more than just your painting - I have a rotation of time slots available for commissioned work, which means I'm usually working on multiple pieces in the same spans of time. I can work on one while the others dry between layers. Barring any unforseen circumstances, your painting will be done on or very near the estimated date given to you. If there are any unforseen complications, I will communicate wtih you as I work, to make sure you are aware.

Why does the commission that I ordered not look exactly like the photo I sent?

Well, there are a few reasons for this. - I'm not a photocopier, I'm an artist interpreting a photograph through my own style. If you want the exact photo placed on a canvas, that's not a job for a painter. There are lots of digital printing options available nowadays that can do it for you. - Sometimes, photo references sent just aren't the best composition. It's my job to interpret what would be the most aesthetically pleasing setting to commemorate your pet, person, or other request. - Sometimes the photo reference sent is fuzzy, out of focus, poorly lit, or vintage quality; and sometimes the subject of the photo is cropped in a way that doesn't work for the composition. In this case, I have to look up reference photos in order to fill in the missing information. All efforts are made to ensure your painting will be a complete and beautiful composition that honors your pet, person or other request.