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Meet Marcy

Painting, drawing and writing. After two decades of a fast-paced, deadline driven career in television and print production, Marcy scaled back her work to these three things, and rediscovered the joy of creating. 

Working in oil paint or colored pencil, Marcy loves getting lost in the details of a still life, or capturing the essence of beloved people or pets in portraits. 


Marcy's debut fantasy novel, Achwilde, was published in May of 2022. She has short stories published in four NaNo Los Angeles Anthologies (4th, 5th, 7th & 8th Editions) and served as an associate editor on the eighth edition. She also penned a series of writing prompt journals in 2021, with another slated to release in the summer of 2022.

Outside of her artistic and writing pursuits, Marcy loves to cosplay, kick butt at laser tag, and she often moonlights as kilted 9th level D&D human Fighter Battlemaster named Shemp Jenkins. She lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband/best nerd Bryan, and their two cats, Fergus Hammertime and Fiona Shazam. 



The Witch's Study

Oil on Canvas

Winner, Honorable Mention
in Still Life Category,

Burbank Art Association
2021 Fall Show 


Crystals & Teacup Shard

Colored Pencil, Watercolor Pen, Marker

Winner, First Place
in Still Life Category,

Burbank Art Association
2021 Spring Show 

WATERMARKED Westerly Bottles.png

Westerly  Bottles

Oil on Canvas Board

Winner, Third Place
in Still Life Category,

Burbank Art Association
2019 Fall Show 


Archwilde cover_RGB for digital_V2.jpg

Visit the Archwilde Website


By Marcy Dewey Mahoney

     Julia is devoted to training with her village’s Townsguard, protecting and providing for her community. Her life is full of warmth and purpose, despite being raised by her stern grandmother in the cold and inaccessible Northern Isles. But when her twentieth birthday arrives and Julia officially comes of age, her grandmother shares secrets of their past that will change the course of Julia’s life forever. 

     Thrown into a world of magic, intrigue and murder, Julia finds herself hunted by Azor Torr, a tyrant king bent on destroying everything to get to her. But she also finds new friends, family, allies—and most unexpectedly, love.

     With the fate of two nations hanging in the balance, Julia must learn to use her newly discovered powers to stop King Azor from his legacy of blood magic and devastation. Julia’s quest reveals her true purpose as a protector, and a destiny greater than she could have ever imagined.

Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 10.10.50 AM.png

Ask not "what is reality" but "how do we oppose it?" From the fight for equal rights of Artificial Intelligence to the struggle against karmic bureaucracy, these tales will ask you to rethink the reality around you.

Engineering Chaos

8th Annual NaNo Los Angeles Short Story Anthology


Including "Chanpagne and Salt Cookies"

by Marcy Dewey Mahoney

*Marcy also served as an associate editor on this anthology

Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 12.16.11 PM.png

Words of the Odd & Eerie

A Writing Prompt Journal 

By Marcy Dewey Mahoney

Need to resurrect your writing? Looking to get back into the spirit of your craft?
This book will help you unearth new stories from the depths of your braaains!
"Words of the Odd & Eerie" is a book for writers - or aspiring writers - to help get a story on the page. This book's strange and sometimes scary prompts help you get writing.

Whimsy Prompt Book Cover.jpg

Words of Whimsy

A Writing Prompt Journal 

By Marcy Dewey Mahoney

A book for writers - or aspiring writers - to help you get a story on the page. If you need a new direction for a story that's got you stuck, or you just want a little break from your normal narrative, this book is here to help. "Words of Whimsy" is a prompt journal designed to pull a story from the depths, or dislodge a stuck plot or character and get them moving. Let the fantastical and quirky prompts within these pages get you writing!

Songs In The Key Of Sunset.png

7th Annual NaNo Los Angeles Short Story Anthology


Including "Aunt Clara's Path"

by Marcy Dewey Mahoney

A selection of stories by writers  from around the globe, this anthology features tales of cursed mirrors, troubled superheroes, and courageous warriors. Our stories take you from lush garden paths to secret labs to haunted forests where deadly creatures lurk.Let us whisk you away on an adventure far from the world you know.

Songs in the Key of Sunset

Shadowed Doorways.png

5th Annual NaNo Los Angeles Short Story Anthology


Including "Boat Hitch Momma"

by Marcy Dewey Mahoney

NaNoWriMo participants across the globe submitted short stories involving elements of darkness and concealment. This year’s diverse collection includes twenty four of the most powerful and fascinating entries received. So open that door and take a step into the shadows beyond. Who knows what might be waiting for you inside?

Shadowed Doorways

Screen Shot 2022-09-22 at 4.19.48 PM.png

Words of Wonderment

A Writing Prompt Journal 

By Marcy Dewey Mahoney

Step right up! Try your luck at our little game! Sometimes writing can give you stage fright – the blank page can be like a white spotlight and the pressure is on you, the writer. But “Words of Wonderment” is like opening the door on the clown car – you won’t believe how many story ideas will jump out of your head! This book helps you overcome blocks and makes the words fly with the greatest of ease.

The stupendous prompts within these pages will help you start a new story. Or they might help un-contort a story you’re stuck on. Take your writing to the literary high wire as you balance your creativity and your storytelling. Tell a tall tale, shoot an idea out of your brain-cannon – you are the ringmaster of your own destiny-filled three ring circus!

Weve All Been There.png

We've All Been There

4th Annual NaNo Los Angeles Short Story Anthology


Including "Wanderlust"

by Marcy Dewey Mahoney

This collection of short stories focuses on the theme of returning or going back. We selected the twenty most thrilling, hilarious, and evocative stories submitted from writers across the country. Join us for a ride through lands that are both foreign and achingly familiar. We’ve all been there . . . haven’t we?

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